Thursday, November 7, 2013

Learning to listen to my body

My body and I have a love/hate relationship. I spend most of my time trying to ignore it like a pesky neighbor that keeps hanging around bugging me and always trying to get my attention; which is ironic because I believe in a gospel that honors and respects bodies like the God-given gifts they are. Somehow I have talked myself into believing that the gift thing only applies to other peoples bodies. Last weekend I took my first yoga class ever. It was amazing. I sat in a quiet room, listened to mellow music, and just listened to my body. It's not so bad after all. Like all of us, it just wants to be loved. It wants to be my friend. It wants to be heard. So I am trying to get to know myself again. All of me, which includes my body. I am learning it is okay to take some time for me. I have learned that my body will run ragged and get sick if I do not honor it. I don't want that for my life anymore. I want to love myself and my body, for we are one.

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